Prozesky Auctioneers is a traditional Property Auction House in South Africa, based in Pretoria. Our aim is to give a comprehensive service long after the gavel has fallen.






It used to be that auctions in South Africa were held to dispose of contested properties in cases of deceased estates or divorce – not so anymore!

In the past four years, auctions have gained substantial credibility as one of the most efficient means of selling a property and have grown into a mammoth business model that moves property quickly, efficiently and profitably.

Houses on Auction attract qualified buyers – people who have the means and the desire to purchase the property. This means no more Sunday afternoon ‘strollers’ who have nothing better to do than look at show houses!

Property Auctions create urgency – a time is set for the auction to take place and buyers compete assertively to win the bid.

Where conventional sales generally start with a high price and then consider offers that are lower than the asking price, with auction properties it works the other way around. A well marketed and well run property auction demonstrates the value of the property and eager bidders push the price up so that the real value of the property is realised.

Property Auctions generally result in quick sales – no more listing on the conventional market and then waiting weeks or months for offers to come in. They also result in a quick close as the property is sold ‘voetstoots’ so there are no conditions attached to the sale.